Buying a home is one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make. The process of buying a home can be challenging and stressful, so having an experienced Realtor to handle all the multitude of complex moving parts from start to end is a worthwhile relationship.  Here at Coldwell Banker we have the tools, the experience and the knowledge to help you find your dream home.  Having Jason as your agent will help you become a well-informed buyer and he guide you through the home buying process to get the right home for you.

What to expect

Meeting with Jason- First you will meet with Jason and he will discuss your needs and wants in a new home. He will also answer questions and explain each step to home buying.  If you haven’t already, you will need to be prequalified for a mortgage. 

Getting prequalified for a mortgage- This is where you will need to find the right lender for you.  There several loan options available through a lender of your choice.  So it is important to discuss with them the options that best fit your needs.  Jason will then work with your lender throughout the process in searching for your home

Searching online- Now that you know what you are prequalified for you can begin searching for your new home using online search tools.  Jason provides a search engine for your convenience. Using the search tool you can narrow down properties based on what your lender has prequalified you at and what your needs are. Jason will also be communicating with you on properties that fit your wants and needs, such as those that haven’t hit the market yet or those that have come back on the market.  Once your top properties are selected Jason will show you them in person. 

Showing the properties- The showing is where you and Jason will tour each property and discuss your likes and dislikes. Jason will also provide detailed property information in hand on each property to help during the tours.  Once you have selected the property best suited for you, an offer and negotiations can begin.  Jason will negotiate the contract terms with the seller’s agent on your behalf.  Once the terms are agreed to and the contract offer is ratified a home inspection will be set up.

Inspecting the home- typically, a contract offer is contingent on a home inspection to protect you.  Jason will help you set up your home inspection with a home inspector of your choice make sure you are an informed consumer.  During the home inspection you and your inspector will discuss the condition and mechanics of the home.   Once the report is received, Jason will address any concerns you may have and then negotiate any needed repairs with the seller.  Prior to closing or settlement a walk-thru of the home will be conducted to insure the condition of the property and any inspection concerns were addressed. 

Closing or Settlement- In the contract you will have selected a title company that handles all of the paperwork conducted at closing.  Jason, your mortgage lender and your title company will work together coordinating all the paper work together and make sure all other contingencies and timelines are met.  At settlement you will meet with your title company to sign the mortgage documents, property transfer documents, and transferring payment.  Once all of this is done, you will typically receive the keys to your new home.  Congratulations!


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